Food & Beverage

The ever-changing and closely monitored characteristics of the Food and Beverage industry create a fertile ground for innovation. Research and development are frequently conducted in this field, compelling companies to continuously enhance their products to align with consumer preferences and industry trends. This drive leads to the creation of novel, more cost-effective, and environmentally conscious offerings.

What Qualifies?

While the potential for research and development in the food and beverage sector is extensive, qualifying R&D efforts within this industry commonly manifest in the following domains: Novel Recipe Creation: Particularly focusing on the experimentation with distinct ingredients, process Enhancement: This includes pioneering improvements aimed at reducing production durations and fostering sustainability, modifications to Existing Products/Recipes: This could be prompted by sudden shortages in specific resources or the need to adhere to evolving FDA regulations and Development or Alterations of Associated Machinery, Strategic Layout, and Supply Chains.

Project Examples


Product Development

In a bid to honour the Late Queen's Platinum Jubilee, our client engaged in formulating strategies and devising a new product offering. The team conducted extensive research into historical recipes, as well as scientific ingredient amalgamations, to create a successful product which retained its predeccessing organoleptic properties in a fundamentally different manner.


Process Improvements

Within most businesses in this industry, sustainability and cost efficiency stand as pivotal factors. Recognising this, our client endeavoured to enhance their manufacturing process by reducing water consumption. This sustainability drive encompassed planning, designing, prototyping, and testing a bespoke water recycling system, with several technical aspects developed to resolve project challenges identified on the project.


Production Process

This client embarked on a project to formulate a manufacturing process capable of yielding a beverage product offering with a notably higher ABV%. The team systematically experimented with various combinations of materials, ingredient proportions, and undertook a quality testing process to ascertain a dependable production methodology for the new beverage. Through their dedicated efforts, they successfully upscaled the novel production approach from initial sample sizes to large quantities, facilitating supermarket distribution across the UK.

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