Engineering & Manufacturing

Research and Development plays a pivotal role in the Manufacturing Engineering domain. The continuous evolution of novel processes, technologies, and methodologies propels the respective industries to significantly contribute to the UK economy. Given the exceptional engineering and manufacturing prowess within the UK, it is customary for companies to operate on the forefront, grappling with technical uncertainties regarding the feasibility of their desired objectives – driving companies to pursue advancements and enhancements in scientific and technological capabilities.

What Qualifies?

Engineering activities seeking to make advances and improvements in science and technology, by: extending the overall knowledge or capability, through the creation of a process or product, making appreciable improvements to existing processes and products, or duplicating the effect of a process/product in a new improved manor.

Project Examples


Precision Engineering

Our client, a large precision engineering and injection moulding company worked to improve the internal manufacturing capability of their production machinery and processes, to increase manufacturing output whilst maintaining precise tolerance accuracy for products beyond the industry's existing knowledge and capabilities.


Machine Restoration

In this case, our client—an engineering specialist—pursued the restoration of a large, decades-old piece of production machinery lacking any data or drawings. Engineers engaged in a reverse engineering process to restore the machinery while identifying opportunities to incorporate efficiency enhancements into the design. This ultimately elevated the overall efficiency of the production plant beyond baseline levels.


Process Improvement

A manufacturing expert recognised that manual welding of components was inefficient and explored alternative welding methods - embarked on a development programme of an automated welding process. This process aimed to achieve a level of consistency, quality, and strength surpassing the baseline industry capability, all while operating in a more efficient manner.

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