The Construction Industry is one of the most active and across the UK & Ireland, employing over two million people annually within the country. With such a fast passed and competitive environment it is important for companies to provide innovative solutions to any technical challenges presented – these innovations and advancements are great topics to discuss with our team when considering R&D eligibility.

What Qualifies?

Within the construction industry, projects that involve the following key areas; plant and machinery modifications, design and implementation of alternative materials, products or processes. In addition to these, any developments seeking bespoke and innovative solutions to overcome site legislation constraints, if applicable.

Project Examples


Heritage Sites

Projects that involve undertaking innovative approaches to restore and conserve historic or culturally significant structures, through mechanical, structural and material-driven improvements, are always worth discussing with us, as there could be a strong case for qualifying activity within these. This might involve areas such as developing new methods for restoration, preservation, or integrating modern materials while maintaining historical authenticity.


Process Improvement

An avenue of development which has been seen within construction would be the appreciable improvement on existing processes, materials, devices, products or services. Often in the process of undertaking construction works companies find themselves with niche/bespoke challenges which cannot be overcome with conventional machines or processes. In response, the team will investigate modifications to existing strategies to improve on the given baseline and overcome the technical challenges faced.


New Solution

We have worked with clients that are developing ground-breaking solutions to allow for projects to be completed which would’ve been deemed impossible previously. Whether working on innovative railways, new build housing developments, highway construction, or property development, these projects can provide an extension in the overall knowledge and capability within the construction industry.

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