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What can an R&D chartered tax advisor provide that my accountant can’t?

- | By Richard

Through my experience, I’ve found that most of my business owner clients ask themselves :-

“Should I use my Accountant, or an R&D Specialist?”

Understanding the financial complexities of running a successful business is essential to continued growth and sustained performance, so it pays to have access to the very best knowledge and experience.

When it comes to research and development tax credits, bridging the gap between basic understanding and full expertise on the intricacies of claiming, can prove the difference between success and failure.

Also, we get it… you’ve known and trusted your accountant for years, we’re the new guys perceived as the competition. But that’s not strictly true.

Research and development TAX credits technically fall into the tax camp, our specialism.

It is thus an often asked question among business owners whether they should put their trust in a regular accountant – or accountancy firm – or decide to work with R&D tax specialist.

Below, allow us to convince you why you fall into our camp… 😊

So what can an R&D chartered tax advisor provide that my regular accountant can’t?

To jump straight in, the R&D team at CBTax can assist by ensuring that all activities that could qualify for the relief are identified, assessed, documented and where appropriate, claimed.

The team of Chartered Tax Advisors and sector specialists have considerable experience of claims across all sectors, and work with you to prepare a robust R&D claim on a turnkey basis, with minimal disruption to your core business.

We have developed excellent working relationships with the relevant inspectors at HMRC, thus enabling claims to be reviewed and agreed in the most efficient manner.

There is also a reason we have a 100% success rate in preparing claims submitted to HMRC, which we have documented below in more detail:

  • The team includes Chartered Tax Advisors, who have undertaken the “Gold Standard” qualification for being the top of the field for tax advisors.
  • Big 4 experience, having worked closely with HMRC inspectors and those that helped write the legislation.
  • The team is led by Finance Monthly’s Corporate Tax Adviser of the Year 2018, Chris Beale, who previously lectured in taxation before becoming a chartered tax advisor and heading up the corporate tax and R&D team at a leading national firm of accountants and business advisors.
  • We do not just retrospectively claim relief, but forward plan to ensure claims are maximised going forward and are fully supported by HMRC.
  • We work on a contingent fee basis, so a fee is only payable on the claim being successfully processed by HMRC.
  • Should HMRC enquire into the claim, we will liaise with HMRC throughout the process to resolve any queries they have as promptly as possible.

See our website for more details or feel free to message Chris Beale or a member of the team for further details.

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