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Welcome to the Team – Aaliyah and Harry

- | By Stephen

Aaliyah and Harry join CBTax as R&D Tax Associates to further support our clients across the UK. Check out below how their first few weeks went.

“Starting any new job is always a daunting and nerve-racking experience, and this was made worse by the fact that we were both starting our new roles remotely at home during a lockdown. We were unable to meet any of our new colleagues in person and we were worried that the lack of social interaction would mean that we would not be able to make a good enough impression on our colleagues. However, these fears were instantly put to bed, as everyone at CBTax did an amazing job at easing us into the role and making us feel welcome from the very start.

On our first day, whilst collecting our brand-new bundle of Apple equipment, we managed to get a quick sneak peak of the new CBTax office that was going to be opening in a week’s time. The light, bright and modern office space had us both feeling very excited to start a career in a company that was so forward-thinking. Furthermore, it was lovely having both directors, Chris and Stephen, taking the time out of their busy day to introduce themselves to us both. 

Once we both went home and set up our equipment to start off our first day, we both had so many introductions and messages on Microsoft Teams from our colleagues introducing themselves and what they do, as well as some welcoming video calls from Chris, Felix, Ed and many others. It was lovely being able to put names to faces and being able to meet our new team members before officially starting in the new office the following week. 

James is a fellow R&D Tax Associate, and he spent a few hours training us both on the CBTax system, what we do as a business and what our job roles would entail. Once he had finished going through our training, he had tasked us to complete a few company backgrounds as well as a costing analysis to complete during the week. It felt great having some work to get straight into on our first week and being able to make an impact from day one. 

A few days later, Matt spent almost a whole day training us both on the Salesforce system that is used by CBTax, through Microsoft Teams and getting us set up with our own accounts. He went into so much detail and made sure that we had as much information as we possibly could, to ensure we were not left alone with no idea what to do. 

Although we both come from different educational backgrounds, Aaliyah coming from a Finance background and Harry coming from a Chemistry background, we both bring something different to the table which can help us when speaking to clients and building strong professional relationships. Many of our colleagues at CBTax come from Engineering, Construction, Retail and many other sectors, yet they all bring unique ideas and concepts to the company and this is something that has contributed towards the success of CBTax and its what sets them apart from everyone else.  

It has been three weeks since we both started our roles at CBTax, and both of us feel completely settled in with the team. We’ve also been tasked with various reports and costing analyses to complete. We are both very excited to develop our careers within CBTax and are excited to see what the future holds for the firm.”

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