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Starting as an R&D Tax Associate during Lockdown

- | By Richard

Well this was not how I envisioned my first day at the office! 

In February I got offered the chance to become an R&D Tax Associate working for CBTax. 

My start date was 14th April, I had 6 weeks from accepting the job until starting. As the weeks passed it was becoming very real, seeing videos of the new office space that CBTax had recently taken on.  But things changed mid March when unfortunately the country was hit by the coronavirus. This forced the country into lockdown.

Coming from a completely different background the prospect of starting a new career was pretty daunting, and then to add to that I would have to learn a new job virtually! I have to admit I was a little worried but from the moment we heard the news both Directors of the company remained in contact and assured me that everything would be fine!

And they were right! (of course!) My Macbook Pro was delivered to my home, all set up and ready to go! My first day consisted of some video calling to talk through procedures and some of the work that I would be doing. We have been using Microsoft Teams which has enabled us to have conversations like we would if we were in a normal working environment. My directors had prepared for me and had plenty for me to start working on.

 I was nervous because tax is not my background, but I have been learning things stage by stage and really enjoying it so far. Apart from the fact that we are not all together its actually far better than I imagined starting a new job during lockdown! 

Lucy Walsh

R&D Tax Associate