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Meet Steve Oakenfull – CBTax’s new Business Development Manager

- | By Stephen

CBTax are delighted to welcome the latest addition to their ever expanding, diverse team. Steve arrives at CBTax with a wealth of experience within the Plastics and Manufacturing sectors working with clients to deliver success. We are confident this will enable us to increase our presence in these areas, as well as further strengthen the client relationship function of the business.

1 month into the job, I welcome the opportunity of explaining how my past has such relevance to the position. R&D, to many, is thought to be exclusively for the likes of the aerospace and automotive industry or for those wearing a white lab coat. This is far from the truth. My manufacturing past is helping me reach out to those UK manufacturers who spend time, effort and resources on R&D every single day. To them, they are going about their daily business: solving problems, implementing processes that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Unaware that what they are doing is essential R&D work, that should be rewarded.

The first month in a new position can be pretty daunting, especially when lockdown prevents the usual introductory interaction but the team at CBTax have done an incredible job easing me into my new role, albeit “remotely” due to the current lockdown.

I quickly learnt that we all come from very different backgrounds. It is this policy of employing specialists from such varied backgrounds that sets us apart from other Tax Advisors and results in greater empathy with our clients.

This ability to “talk a client’s language” is a vital factor when assessing a potential claim and so if you are considering an R&D tax claim and have a plastics, manufacturing or promotional background then contact me who speaks your language.

For further information call Steve on 07931 243 927 or email