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Excel your career with CBTax by joining our Associate Career path – Harrison Wright R&D Tax Associate

- | By Richard

Back when I joined CBTax in June 2020 the team made sure I hit the ground running, even though I had started at home due to COVID-19, I was deeply involved in a wide range of projects and tasks. My roll at CBTax, after being in the team for 10 weeks, involves producing in-depth costing analysis for clients we work with, constructing the claim documents that go off to HMRC for review and assisting other team members with technical reports which detail all of the cutting edge R&D work our clients undertake. 

I found out about CBTax after my Mother assisted Stephen and Chris in getting their mortgage. After she shed some light on what Chris and Stephen do, I was initially very interested in the company and arranged a meeting with Chris. We talked through the company, the scheme and what it offers me, and I was ecstatic with the opportunity. After this meeting I knew joining CBTax was the correct next step for me to take. 

 At CBTax I will be studying my ATT qualification initially and after gaining this I will go on to study for the CTA qualification. I am excited to start studying at CBTax especially as the whole team are going to be there to support me every step of the way, which is just the reassurance needed. Even though we are waiting for colleges to be back open to start studying as mentioned I am more than busy, deeply involved with work going on and learning a lot. 

When I joined the CBTax team, they were all incredibly friendly and helpful and still are to this day! Every team member will prioritise assisting me where needed and I get on very well with everyone. For anyone looking to start a career in tax straight from A levels should definitely consider joining CBTax, the thought can be daunting as you’re joining straight into a company from school, you may also feel you need a degree. I felt like this, but after speaking to Chris he informed me of the great opportunities available as for me and any other school leaver as an apprentice, and as mentioned the friendly team made me feel at home very quickly, I am now extremely excited for the future here at CBTax.  

Harrison Wright – R&D Tax Associate