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A Graduate at CBTax – James Allen

- | By Stephen

I first came across CBTax after my lecturer at university, shared Chris’ post on LinkedIn discussing R&D. I messaged Chris, asking to meet him and discuss his career in tax. After my second year at university I knew I wanted to go into a tax career, but I did not know what area. Prior to meeting Chris, I had not known a lot about R&D, however I did some research and I was intrigued. When I met Chris, he explained how he finished university and worked for a top 4 firm and then later formed CBTax with Stephen. I explained to Chris that I am a people person and I did not want to be a typical accountant, sat behind a desk number crunching. After meeting Chris and discussing CBTax, I knew straight way I wanted to pursue a career in R&D and for CBTax.

From my first day I have been involved in assisting in writing technical reports and creating claim reports. This has given me first-hand experience of all the processes of R&D claims. I have been part of client meetings, where projects are discussed that provide evidence of qualifying activates for the R&D claims, which is the beginning of the process. To then create the costings element, which is fed into the claim report. And finish the process by collating all the information and creating a claim report that is sent for quality control procedures before being sent to HMRC. Every claim is different, as every client has a different project, keeping you on your toes.

During my career at CBTax I will be continuing my education by studying ATT and CTA. This will improve my understanding of tax and will aid me with client’s claims.

Since day one, everyone has been extremely welcoming and approachable at CBTax. It was a very surreal experience starting during lockdown, as instead of meeting everyone at an office, I met everyone over a Microsoft teams call. This way has been less daunting than walking into an office for the first time. However, I could not have asked for a better welcome and I look forward to meeting everyone in person, once it is safe to do so. The team is made from a group of great people. I feel privileged to be part of CBTax and feel I have settled well into the team.

Any person looking to start a career within tax, should look to join CBTax. Straight from the get-go, you will be speaking to and working with clients to reduce their tax liability. Not only will you be working with some of the country’s best tax advisors in Chris and Stephen, but CBTax is already getting national recognition with our plethora of clients and shortlisted for many awards. I could not imagine a better job opportunity than at CBTax, from jumping straight into working with clients, to the support and advise you get from the team, it is the ideal place to have a long and fruitful career.