Exciting Promotions at CBTax

Posted 1 July 2024

We are excited to announce several well-deserved promotions at CBTax. 2024 has seen our business has grown quickly, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our fantastic team. Here are the achievements of our colleagues who have gone above and beyond:

Chris Dunn: Tax Resolutions Director

Chris has been key in building our Tax Resolutions team. His leadership and support have led to several successes:

  • Team Building and Mentorship: Chris has built a strong Tax Resolutions team from the ground up. He has also taken the time to mentor Ben Hammond, guiding him and helping him develop his skills.
  • Successful Claims Support: The team has supported claims worth over £1 million that have gone into enquiries. This means they’ve helped our clients handle large, complex tax issues successfully.
  • Consultation by Third Parties and External Prospects: Other organisations have noticed their great work and are now reaching out to our team for advice on tax enquiries, showing their growing reputation.
  • Client Peace of Mind: Chris and his team give our clients confidence that their claims will be defended strongly and effectively, providing peace of mind.

Harriet Tack: Senior Manager

Harriet has played a big role in growing our accounts client base and increasing revenue. Her key achievements include:

  • Client Base Expansion: Harriet has brought in many new clients, helping to expand our business and reach more people.
  • Outstanding Referrals: Her excellent service has impressed many clients, leading them to refer new clients to us, which is a great testament to her hard work.
  • Revenue Growth: Harriet’s efforts have significantly increased the revenue of the accounts department, contributing greatly to the overall success of CBTax.

Aaliyah Shakoor: R&D Tax Manager

Aaliyah has shown great commitment to her professional growth and taken on more responsibilities. Her key contributions include:

  • ATT Qualification: Aaliyah recently became ATT qualified, showing her dedication to furthering her knowledge and skills in tax.
  • Extra Responsibilities: She has taken on tasks usually handled by Directors, demonstrating her ability to handle more complex and important work.

Ben Hammond: Tax Resolutions Assistant Manager

Ben has made significant contributions to the Tax Resolutions team while advancing his career and education. His key achievements include:

  • Team Contributions: Ben has been vital to the success of the Tax Resolutions team, working closely with Chris and other team members to support our clients.
  • Template Development: He created templates for the team to use, ensuring their work is of high quality and consistent. These templates have improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • Career and Education: Ben has balanced all his work responsibilities while completing his apprenticeship, showing his dedication to both his education and his career in tax.

These promotions reflect the dedication and hard work of our team members. Their contributions have been crucial to our success, and we are excited to see them thrive in their new roles. Join us in celebrating their achievements!