A Day in the Life of a CBTax Associate!

Posted 18 November 2022

A Day in the Life of a CBTax Associate

CBTax are proud of the workforce that we employ.  Team members have experience across all industry sectors enabling us to deliver the best and accurate R&D Tax advice to our Clients.

We offer the top Tax Associate Apprenticeship scheme, which is currently open for applicants.  This is the perfect opportunity to bring to you ‘The Day in the Life of a CBTax Associate’.

Meet our Senior Tax Associate: Harrison Wright

Harrison joined the Tax Associate Apprenticeship Scheme in June 2020 after completing his A levels in Maths, Economics and Physics. Harrison grew a large passion for the business world and the mathematics that construct it. When he learnt about CBTax’s R&D Tax Associate apprenticeship, Harrison knew it was the perfect career choice for him.

Harrison started right away on his studies towards his ATT qualification, his duties to begin with at CBTax was to start writing company backgrounds for an array of our clients to be incorporated into the R&D claim documentation. This is an important phase of work, providing HMRC with an insight into the company’s core activities and industry. It was also very useful and interesting for Harrison personally building up knowledge on the innovative companies CBTax work with.  Harrison also liked that he was directly involved, assisting with the delivery of claims from the beginning, hitting the ground running was a great way to begin and to gain knowledge and understanding of the R&D Tax Industry.

Harrison started work towards his first ATT exam in around February 2021, with the Kaplan training provided by CBTax. He said: “I found it very engaging learning about the wider scope of taxation. Being able to apply what I was learning in my role as associate towards the exam was also a great help. The team here were all super supportive and helpful throughout, talking me through some of the more difficult questions and topics. I sat the exam in May 2021 and fortunately passed!” Harrison is now working on his CTA exams, sitting CTA Taxation of Individuals and CTA Awareness in November this year.

Harrison is dedicated to his work and brings in great results for our Clients at CBTax.  December 2021, Harrison was promoted to Senior R&D Tax Associate.  He said “as a Senior Tax Associate, I am now involved in a wide array of work in the company. This includes running technical meetings, writing R&D technical narratives for claims, alongside working on and supporting other Tax Associates through costing analysis exercises. I’m also often involved in a wider range of corporation tax assistance work, including the preparation and calculation of more complex tax positions and computations.”

We have no doubt Harrison will continue to progress through our development programme.

CBTax’s employees are what sets us apart, giving us the knowledge and ability in all sectors of the working industry, with expertise in every sector. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and how they come together as one to deliver the UK’s leading R&D tax relief advice.

If you would like further information on our R&D Tax Associate intake, please submit your CV to: https://careers.cbtax.co.uk/

If you would like to speak one of our experts about making an R&D Claim, please call us on: 0333 455 9010